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The Story takes place about 7 years ago, a sweet fluff ball entered our life. We named him Oreo!

But during the course of time, this Fluff ball started to behave abnormally & we found out that he's having this severe condition of Seizures/Fits - now very common in dogs and cats.

Our Healthy Oreo started to get weaker as time passed, and as any other concerned Pawrent - we consulted many vets and approached many clinics - but there was no proper cure that was found. This lead us on the journey of studying Deep Ayurveda and the discovery of many beneficial plants like-  The Cannabis Sativa, The Jojoba Plant, etc. - and how these plants give many health benefits in their Cold pressed forms, especially in cases like Seizures/Fits, animals facing difficulty in healing from severe wounds, and even also to animals suffering from cancer. 

 At present day, we use our own product - HEMP SEED OIL on Oreo as well as on other pets (dogs and cats). We're getting good results ourselves since Oreo is cured to some extent (he has not suffered from any noted case of seizure in the last 2 years). We use The Hemp Seed Oil daily on him, and that's why we're promoting and approaching other pet-pawrents to use our products on their beloved fur babies.

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